Nick Byrne is Artistic Director and the creator of Improvention; Australia’s international festival and convention of unscripted theatre. He is also Artistic Director of Impro ACT, the major improvisational theatre company in Australia’s capital, Canberra. Nick works as an actor, director, producer, and musician, in all realms of theatre and film, and is a regular delegate to the Australian Theatre Forum, but improvisation is his ruling passion. He teaches and directs all styles of the craft, and has done so for over a decade, producing groundbreaking shows, “The Displaced” (refugee issues), “Crescendo” (a rock band with dramas), “Drivers” (about your internal monologues), “In Person 8” (improvised impersonations), and “Parallel” (three physical stories at once). Nick tries to make the areas of improvisation that seem difficult, easier for performers. He also conducts workplace sessions, helping Olympians deal with adversity, and United Nations Peacekeepers to remain culturally aware. He likes to explore.


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