Amber Nash is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and has been an Ensemble member at Dad’s Garage Theatre Company since 2004. At Dad’s she fulfills the roles of performer, creator, teacher and director. She has also performed with Second City and various companies around the country. Amber has traveled all over the United States, Canada and Europe as a performer and teacher. Amber also provides the voice of Pam Poovey on the hit animated series Archer.


Workshop with Amber Nash on Sept. 30th, 2017

CREATING YOUR OWN FORMAT“    3.30 pm – 6.30 pm

In this workshop, you can learn how to take the things that you love about improv and turn them into your own unique improv format. We will be doing a lot of talking and writing in the first portion of the class and get on our feet in the second half. So know that you won’t be on your feet improvising the entire time.

This workshop is for seasoned improvisers with a minimum of 2 years improv experience.

Workshop Fee: € 55
Duration: 3 hours

Wanna join an improv-workshop spontaneously! There are still free spots!

Just come to the Workshop Location 10 minutes before the Workshop starts and pay cash!

 You will love it!



See you in a MOMENT!

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