Franck BuzZ is co-founder and artistic director of SUBITO, one of the oldest international improv festivals in France. As a professional performer, director and teacher for 12 years, Franck BuzZ enjoys playing free and organic improvisation.

Trained by famous clowns (Mump & Smoot, Ludor Citrik) and international improv masters (Randy Dixon, Patti Stiles, Joe Bill, Susan Messing, Shawn Kinley, Steve Jarand, …), Franck likes to use his extensive background in physical theatre, clowning, mime and masks to mix the guidelines of Del Close and Keith Johnstone with a European theatrical approach. Over the years he has featured in different improv festivals to teach and perform in 15 countries in all 5 continents. In 2017 he went to Italy, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Dubai and Australia and has been invited to China for the first time in 2018.

As a former lighting designer Franck BuzZ created the innovative format Impro LightboX where lighting atmospheres are the starting point of each new scene. Impro LightboX won a Jury’s Trophy at the Impronale Festival (Germany) in 2015 and has also played all around the world (Europe, Dubai, Australia, …)

When Franck is not improvising he likes to travel, do scuba diving, whale watching, discover other cultures and take improv lessons every day with his 3-year-old daughter.

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Franck BuzZ presents IMPRO LIGHTBOX (2 parts)

Tuesday Oct. 9th, 2018 at 7.30 pm

Mixing his experiences as professional improviser and former light designer, Franck BuzZ, with Thomas Ury’s support, imagined a show where lighting atmospheres, randomly associated to sound atmospheres, are the starting point of each new scene. In order to provide variety it combines all types of lighting sources, from candles to video projections. All the magic is in the choice of lightning energies, conceived to stimulate improv actors and encourage them to release their spontaneity. Impro LightboX is played in different languages: a mix of languages, international english, gibberish, … and a lot of silence! Emotions, pictures, body language and relationships are universal!


„SILENCE, PHYSICALITY AND PLAYFULNESS“ – fully booked – waitlist!

Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.

Monday Oct. 8th, 2018, 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Let’s be inspired by the great masters of black and white movies (Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, …). Let’s play simple but funny situations. Before speaking, there is already a lot to play: a movement, a gesture, a look, a contact, a breath. Our bodies are telling a lot. Let’s enjoy our real comic power by the attitudes and intentions of our characters. Drawing on his extensive background in physical theatre and clowning, Franck will guide you through exercises to help you become more aware of your body and what it may communicate, while giving you some simple tools to make more out of the possibilities of your physical appearance rather than your words, for comedy and drama.


Workshop Fee     € 50
Duration     3 hours
Location     Rehearsal Room TAG – Gumpendorfer Str. 67/4, 1060 Vienna


If you apply for more than one Workshop you’ll get a discount!


See you in a MOMENT!

TAG - Theater an der Gumpendorfer Straße