Part 1
Raschid Daniel Sidgi presents BABA’S TALES

My daughter calls me Baba. Just like I called my father. He was not always an easy man. Very intense and often challenging. Growing up in a small town on the edge of the desert, on the edge of the savannah, where there were only a handful of telephones but a cinema…

We had sweet tea with milk on Sunday afternoons, and the television, which was always blaring, was turned down. We brothers and sisters braided pigtails, squatted close together like a bunch of young baboons and my father told stories. Actually, he made them up. He was a great storyteller, wild and impetuous his words seemed to float on a river, yet always found a destination. Baba often fished in the now, in what we called out to him, linking the world we knew growing up in Europe with the treasures of our East African ancestors. And even though in many ways we seemed so far apart, in his stories the worlds moved closer together. Stories full of life and magic, death and happiness, love and chaos, spirits and people and animals. With all players on stage all the time, the show BABAS TALES searches for this storytelling on stage.


Part 2
Antonio Vulpio presents SABOTEURS

Saboteurs is s a show where improvisers are confronted with ther nemesis: actors who are not responding to the normal rules of improv, not responding or trying to actively destroy the scene. Only the best improvisers will be able to finish their stories!




See you in a MOMENT!

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