Lena Försch presents SINGLED OUT

An improvised play about society’s obsession with coupling up

„Welcome to the Relationship Service Center. We understand that you have been without a partner for a few years now. It is our mission to match as many singles as possible with someone who will truly make them whole. We are delighted that you will now be joining our program. We  promise: You won’t be leaving alone.“ In this show six individuals find themselves in a room together. They have never met before. All that they know of each other is one thing: They’re single. While some of them are eager to finally end their solitary suffering, others are more reluctant  to be matched up. Over the course of the night tension rises, as they challenge each others‘ views on what it means to be single… and wonder if there is a way to be single without being singled out.

An improvised play created by Lena Försch (Mainz) and Carina Odenbreit (Würzburg).


See you in a MOMENT!

TAG - Theater an der Gumpendorfer Straße