Part 1: Hila di Castro presents WOMAN UP!

Hovering over a public toilet seat while keeping your pants from touching the floor, wearing another pair of underwear over your stockings to keep them from sliding down, being sexually harassed, coughing over your farts to cover the sound, keeping business as usual even while hurting from period pain, allowing someone to help you carry your suitcase up the stairs, feeling your baby kick in your womb… These are only some of our experiences as women in this world. The kind of things women talk about behind closed doors, (if they even talk about them at all…) and the kind of experiences we rarely see on stage. Until now ! In this show everything will be out in the open – all the funny, painful, scary, icky and powerful moments we experience as women, alone and together. How does it feel to be a woman on this planet? Come watch the show!


Part 2:  Dan Seyfried presents ENDURE & SURVIVE: THE SECOND PART

The First Part of this Show premiered on the first day of the Festival. You`ll meet old and new characters and dive back into this world. Don`t worry if you`ve missed the First Part, you`ll get along. 20 years after the world collapsed because of the cordyceps it became mercyless. Everyone has to endure and survive. Everyone finds his way to do it…Sometimes, light finds its path as well as love, sense of community and maybe…happiness ? But everything is fragile. Darkness is all around. Danger is palpable. Everything can disappear in a second. In this show, you’ll see many scenes in this world and what remains of it. How human is able to adapt in a world like this ? What do they feel when the main things they have to do is endure and survive.


See you in a MOMENT!

TAG - Theater an der Gumpendorfer Straße