Andrew Hefler is a performer, director, trainer working in theatre, music, film and television for nearly thirty years. He was first introduced to Improvisational theatre at the age of 10 in grade school in Los Angeles. Since then he has worked with theatre groups in the US, Canada, Europe and since 1994 in his homebase of Budapest. He was a founding member of the experimental impro trio Scalabouche and later he founded Grund Theatre in 2008 developing a company and training methods for actors and shows for performance. Grund Theatre has a strong mission for creating progressive relevant improvised theatre, television content, and skill building courses for the public. Education for people in the entertainment industry as well as applying improvisation for a wide range of clients from the professional business, socially conscious sectors.

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Sunday Oct. 10th, 2021, 1.30 pm–6.30 pm


Freeing up play physically and socially

Getting out of your head and getting into truer physicality through exaggerated expressions, gestures, and conviction. If people have social issues off stage they tend to take them onstage, too. Looking for the actors default expressions and features and grossly aggrandizing them, working opposite them, or randomly altering them. Using work from trance mask traditions with the actors face as the mask. Also looking at nuanced play and minimalistic expressions in the extreme. Breaking through taboo topics and behaviour to get racy themes and mischievous or even downright bad characters on stage with consequence. To get improvisation out of safe trivia and into dipicting relevant issues with conviction


Workshop Fee     € 80
Duration     5 hours
Location     VHS Klubsaal, Königseggasse 10, 1060 Vienna

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fully booked – waitlist

Friday Oct. 8th, 2021, 3.30 pm–6.30 pm


Attitudes, wants and mantras. What drives character? Truthful behaviour?

Working with objectives, emotions and attitudes in relationships and scenework. Looking at character driven scenework to strengthen the togetherness and presence of relationship in scenes. Getting truthful behaviour out of scenes that wants to achieve it’s objective while emphasizing emotion, silence and focus over verbal cues. Encouraging scenes without overt argumentation or contention to simply allow the audience to project and reveal more layers in the relationships and therefore in the scenes. Can be good as work for filmic acting


Workshop Fee     € 50
Duration     3 hours
Location     VHS Klubsaal, Königseggasse 10, 1060 Vienna

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