Part 1: Jim Libby presents THE GRAND OPENING SHOW

Jim Libby is hosting the Grand Opening Show of the Festival which will introduce the MOMENT! 2023 Ensemble.

Life entertains us best.

Let’s face it: life itself tells the most beautiful stories! True life, when given that special frame, is more adventurous, romantic and overwhelming than any fiction or kitsch novel.

In this show the MOMENT! Ensemble presents itself to the audience: Jim Libby interviews the international improv stars to tell a story about their life. The other improvisers associate along this story, reflect, exaggerate and alienate it to create a new and original drama in the truest sense of the word.


Part 2:  Dan Seyfried presents ENDURE & SURVIVE: THE FIRST PART

20 years after the world collapsed because of the cordyceps it became mercyless. Everyone has to endure and survive. Everyone finds his way to do it…Sometimes, light finds its path as well as love, sense of community and maybe…happiness ? But everything is fragile. Darkness is all around. Danger is palpable. Everything can disappear in a second. In this show, you’ll see many scenes in this world and what remains of it. How human is able to adapt in a world like this ? What do they feel when the main things they have to do is endure and survive. You`ll see the first part of this world and the characters enduring and surviving in it, the Second Part will premiere on the last day of the Festival.


See you in a MOMENT!

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