Jim Libby is hosting the Grand Opening Show of the Festival which will introduce the MOMENT! 2022 Ensemble.

Part 1: Jim Libby presents THE GRAND OPENING SHOW

Life entertains us best.
Let’s face it: life itself tells the most beautiful stories! True life, when given that special frame, is more adventurous, romantic and overwhelming than any fiction or kitsch novel.
In this show the MOMENT! Ensemble presents itself to the audience: Jim Libby interviews the international improv stars to tell a story about their life. The other improvisers associate along this story, reflect, exaggerate and alienate it to create a new and original drama in the truest sense of the word.


Part 2: Christian Capozzoli presents 4TRACK

The 4Track form demands you rush the stage with confidence and connectivity. Ratchet, bounce and build scenes to a boil, then tumble into an avalanche of distilled and pithy callbacks. This form rejoices bold choices, physicality, and split second agreement and celebration. Create tension, take action, and explore characterization through wants, and spine and choice.


See you in a MOMENT!

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